The project inbox for teams and clients

Kitchen is the single platform for project communication, price quotes and project billing, shared between teams and clients.

Meet Kitchen

We haven't reinvented how teams work with clients, we've just made it so much easier.

Project Inbox

Organize all your project communication with clients into one single platform, share briefs, instructions, docs and files in one place, and let your team and clients work more easily together.

  • Shared project inbox
  • Organized communication
  • Single source of truth

Project Billing

Provide your team and clients with a simplified billing experience, get your bills paid quickly and issue invoices automatically.

  • Straightforward billing
  • Quick and secure checkout
  • Auto-generated invoices

Price Quotes

Create attractive price quotes with multiple pricing options and win more projects with single-click approvals.

  • Easy approvals
  • Multiple timeframe-based pricing options
  • Upfront payments

Client View

Allow your clients to communicate easily on projects in a workspace that feels just like the apps they use every day.

  • Light and intuitive workspace
  • Zero-ish learning curve
  • Works with email and without login

The Kitchen Workspace

All of our tools work together in one place, enabling teams and clients to communicate more efficiently and get more projects done together.

See how Kitchen works

Release deliverables when you get paid, automatically

Protect your deliverables with payment

Whether it's a source code web development project or a layered website design file, Kitchen can keep your final files locked, and release them automatically upon payment completion.

Start in no time

Connect your website to Kitchen in zero time

Kitchen inbox address

When an email is sent to your Kitchen inbox `[email protected]`, a new project will be stored, or the message will be merged with an existing project. Nothing to install and it's simple as it sounds.

Connect your website forms

Point your existing website forms to Kitchen simply by changing a couple lines of code, or just copy and paste a small code snippet from Kitchen. Not a coding person? Don’t worry, we will help.

Works with WordPress

If your website runs on WordPress, you can easily connect GravityForms to Kitchen with our add-on. So, just install it, map the form fields and you're good to go. No coding required this time.

Rest API & webhooks

For more advanced form integrations like multi-step forms, order forms (with an upfront payments) or any other complex form, use Kitchen’s API & Webhooks.

Work remotely with clients

Work with clients from anywhere

With simplified communication and straightforward billing, teams will work seamlessly with clients, no matter where they are.

With Kitchen, clients are happier, project managers feel more effective, and communication is easier because everything is in one workspace!

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All your project communication organized in one place, simplified billing process, more effective project managers and happier clients.