Work more efficiently with clients

Kitchen organizes all the project communication between your clients and team, so everyone is always on the same page.

Kitchen helps your clients and team
do more great work together

Your team can easily:

  • Work with clients in one organized place
  • Communicate with clients as a team
  • Respond to clients' requests faster
  • Knows exactly who needs to do what, and when
  • Send quick quotes, get approvals and get paid
  • All in one place

Your clients can easily:

  • Work with you via email or a client area
  • Communicate with you as a team
  • Give you feedback and share files & mockups
  • Know exactly what’s going on
  • Approve quotes, send payments & get invoices
  • All in one place

Get project communication back in control

Scattered project files, messages across multiple channels and systems, messy email threads?
Well... Kitchen helps you achieve exactly the opposite.

  • The old way

  • The Kitchen way

It all starts with a project request

Use variety of built-in communication channels to get projects. Receive them in one destination

  • Kitchen hosted form

    Ready-to-use forms customized with your brand. No programming needed.

  • Website form widget

    Add the form widget on your website and let your clients reach you quickly.

  • Your Kitchen email

    Forward your existing contact forms or business email to your Kitchen email.

Communicate. Collaborate. Team Up

Easily add clients and team members to any project.

  • Your clients can invite their team

    Whether it's the co-workers to participate, or the accountant to clear up the bill, they are all welcome.

  • You can involve your team

    Need help from your project manager, designer or developer? You can add them to any project.

  • Share files & links

    Specs, wireframes, logos, contracts, preview links & progress files... upload and share right in the Kitchen.

Accelerate with tasks and reminders

Boost your productivity by assigning tasks and reminders to anyone on your team.

Get it done and get paid

Add payment charges, get paid and deliver files, same place... Kitchen

  • Accept payments via Paypal, Braintree or Stripe

    Connect your payment gateway with Kitchen and provide your client with straight-forward payment process.

  • Release source files when everything is paid (or at any time)

    Unlock the client's access to the source files, once you get paid fully, partially, or at any time, really.

Your Kitchen. Your brand

Add your logo and customize the colors to match your brand identity.

Frequently asked questions

What is Kitchen?

Kitchen provides your team and clients with a new easy way to collaborate on projects in one organized place. It's the system that comes prior your project management tools and sets the communication with clients apart from the internal project management.

What problems does Kitchen solve?

Kitchen is designed to solve communication problems that growing client service business face with their clients.

Firstly, Kitchen unifies communication, file sharing, progress tracking, payments, etc. into one system… making it convenient and easy for your clients to keep up with the project's updates.

Secondly, it streamlines your communication with a simple and effective todo-like system. This allows you to keep track of who is leading a project conversation, who's participating, when you should reply, who has not replied, how many projects need a reply, how many projects have been replied, when to follow up, etc.

Does this replace project management tools such as Trello / Basecamp / Jira?

No. Kitchen aims to do one thing well: client communication. Project management tools are an important part of your workflow, and they should be used internally.

How much does it cost?

We grant free access to all participants in the early betа. After the official release, you can get Kitchen for only $29 / month per User.

What is the story of Kitchen?

Only a few years ago, we used email for client communication just like any other growing web dev agency would. We had just one person that communicated with clients and things were running smoothly. However, the more happy clients we had, the more project requests we received. So, putting one more person in charge of communication was a natural decision. With more effort, we somehow managed to keep things up...continue reading