What's Kitchen?

Kitchen is the right way
to work with clients

Kitchen helps teams organize project communication with clients, streamlines price approval process and simplifies project billing, all in one place.

Kitchen is where teams communicate with clients

Kitchen is the glue between clients and production teams, separating external communication with clients from internal with team members, everyone gets more organized and productive.

  • An inbox only for projects

    Kitchen is for projects only, no spam nor marketing emails or personal communication will be ever allowed.

  • Your internal apps, now internal again

    With clients out of your project management apps, devs and designers can focus on their actual work, without being interrupted or worry of accidentally sharing something private. Let’s bet they don’t even want to chat with clients.

  • Friendly, quick and easy

    An inbox that feels just like the apps you and your clients use every day. 99.8% of the users use it without any tutorials and onboarding.

Kitchen is what agencies use for projects

Everything your team needs to provide exceptional service to every client - every time.

Project Deliverables
Checkout & Invoices
Project Billing
Price Quotes
Project Inbox

Project Inbox

Communicate seamlessly with all your clients from one shared organized workspace.

Price Quotes

Create and send attractive price quotes with mutiple pricing options.

Project Billing

Bill your clients easily, and from the same page where communication happens.

Checkout & Invoices

Accept online payments via stripe, braintree, paypal or 2checkout, and generate invoices automatically.

Project Deliverables

Protect your final files with payment and release them when you get paid, automatically.

Kitchen is all connected

Kitchen merges all the tools your team and clients need into a single shared platform.
Having everything working together, in one place is simply better.

  • Approvals with upfront

    Working with a first-time client? Create a quote with 50% or even 100% upfront payment. Upon price approval, Kitchen will redirect him to submit the initial payment.

  • Auto-invoicing

    Generate formal invoices automatically, right after payment completion and send them to your team and clients.

  • Payment-protected deliverables

    Zip, upload and protect your work with a payment, release and send download links automatically, only when the project is fully paid.

  • Inteligent auto-assignments

    Route return clients to the same managers they already know and like, and with who they worked the last time.

Still wondering why Kitchen?

It simplifies communication

Kitchen brings all your project communication together, giving your team and clients a shared workspace where projects are organized and accessible.

It streamlines your workflows

Enjoy a streamlined processes for communication, quotes, approvals, billing and invoicing, without jumping from dashboard to dashboard.

It empowers your clients

Kitchen allows clients to communicate easily on projects, accept price quotes, pay project bills and download deliverables. Clients have to use just a single simple app, when they work with you.

With Kitchen, clients are happier, project managers feel more effective, and communication is easier because everything is in one workspace!

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All your project communication organized in one place, simplified billing process, more effective project managers and happier clients.